Financing in the off balance sheet (ESCO) model

As part of our extensive range of services, we offer you the alternative financing model for HeatRec© heat recovery systems, in which we take on the burden of investment and assume the risk arising from the need to achieve the required energy recovery parameters.

In the simplest terms, in the off balance sheet (also known as ESCO) model, we are the financier of the installation, while you, as the user, share in the savings achieved through the use of recovered waste heat. Ultimately, after a contractually agreed period, the installation is handed over to the user and the full amount of savings stays with you from that point on.

What are the advantages of such a solution?

Financing in the off balance sheet model means that you incur virtually no capital expenditure (CAPEX) – so there is no risk that the investment would not be realised due to a temporary lack of external financing or an insufficient investment budget in any given year. “Freed” funds can therefore be used for other investments!

Your only obligation stems from the contractual sharing of savings from waste heat recovery over a predetermined period. You therefore commit almost no additional financial resources – neither during the investment phase nor during the operation of our installation!

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